Male or female

Before you buy a cat an agreement is an important condition. Not only it cost money to buy a cat but also it is not free to have an animal in the house. There are various expenses to be taken into consideration. The cat must have a special feed, it must be vaccinated, and in addition, the cat can become ill and require veterinary care.

A kitten in the house is a life, which requires not only care but also upbringing. A kitten is vivid and is always ready to play and will also include your time. There must be time to cuddle - cozy moments. All breeds are very social animals and therefore it should be seriously considered to buy two. This not least in relation to both partners in a relationship or if one is single, and almost always have full-time work and know that there are two cats, they have each other's company and are not left to themselves all day.

Once you have decided you to get a cat, there will be some practical things that must be in order before the cat will move into your home. This will be discussed later.

Once you have decided to acquire a cat. Comes the next question? Should it be a race cat or a common (farm cat). The price of a purebred without breeding ban will fluctuate according to the breed you choose, but typically between 1350 -1500 Euro. But with breeding restriction the prices is typically between 3000-5000 kr. Does the choice of a breed cat it is a good idea to read about the different breeds. Each breed has its own character; some are very high chattering other very curious and will shortly know what you have in your cupboards. Again, others are very quiet to more lively cats. Now the question pops up, should it be a shorthair or a longhair breed.

If you choose a longhair, it should listen to the daily routine of brushing it. In this way it becomes a Previous image of the cat and thereby prevents Mon knots and Hairballs, which can lead to a life threatening situation. Some types do not have that big grooming, while others have a greater tendency to filters. It is difficult to recommend what type of brush you should use. Here one must try out or talk to others who have experience in this area.

Male or Female
Here it is important to make up your minds what you want / must with the cat. It is also linked to whether you are looking for a breeding or pet. A breeding cat is like the name says a cat you have to breed. One can only without a cattery name, get a pedigree on one litter. Then it is required that you apply for a cattery name, this costs 500 kr. and is equally owned 20 years after one's death. The cattery name must be requested through Felis Danica. A pet is not; however, as the name says a cat you only cuddle with, but a cat which is stamped in the pedigree; it may not be used for breeding. Here you must also purchase the contract of the cat, be aware if there is any date for when the cat must be neutered. A neutered animal is completely different faithful and devoted. But one must not forget that a neuter (male cat) can easily become lazy and this may develop obesity. A neutered cat must have a special food so as not to develop urinary stones.

A female is more feminine and usually smaller than the male. A female should be allowed to have a litter of kittens a year. You also have right here in his thoughts that a female cat goes into heat. This means that the queen bleed due to hormonal disturbances during this time lamenting the high sound, this is going on in 5-8 days and may recur at 2-3 week intervals. It is not easy to predict when your cat comes in running, it varies from cat to cat. But a rule of thumb is for the queen is that it is usually sexually mature at the age of 8 months.

Is it a more powerful, big and muscular cat you are looking for, it is a male you should buy. But it can also be a disadvantage. The male is sexually mature between 8-12 months. To mark his territory squirts stud in certain strategic areas. It should however be mentioned that not all males spraying. Want to start as a breeder is the recommendation worthy, to start with getting the queen first, from that, if you buy a stud first and must wait for the queen grows up and becomes old enough to have kittens, the stud in between time to start spraying.

Where to buy the kitten. There are many serious breeders in Denmark and therefore we cannot recommend a single place. But our advice for you will be to visit different breeders, before you make your decision. Another advice is: Do not buy the cat at a show or at home the first time you sees it, but go home and talk it through and then come back the next day. In this way, it is not an impulse but an intelligent decision. Think about that a cat can reach an age up to 15 years.

In addition, you should look critically at the conditions it comes from. The way the cat has been socialized do have great significance for the rest of the cat's life. Therefore it is important that kittens are raised inside the home as part of the family. To be taken care of, to be lifted up, to be caressed and that he/she knows the different noises of ex. the vacuum cleaner is very important.. This helps to create a more comfortable kitten when it moves back home to you.

Another important thing is to observe the breeders way to deal with kittens on. See also on whether the kittens are vivid and want to talk to with you or if they are hiding, because they should not do so. Also see about there are there toys around? Do the kittens make the impression of being healthy?

Do you need a pedigree for the cat and why? The pedigree is the cat's birth certificate. Without the pedigree, you cannot follow the cat's ancestry. Without the pedigree, you cannot expose your cat at a show if it wishes to appear. A pedigree confirms your cat's authenticity. When you buy a cat, the costing of the pedigree is only 150 kr. If the breeder has not received the pedigree from his club when you pick up the kitten, ask for a written proof that it is applied.

Prior to retrieve the kitten home, there are some things which must be acquired first. It is important that all things are in place prior to picking up the cat.

Is it the first will need when picking up the kitten. Choose one that is large enough so that even an adult cat can be in it and the choice fell on a Maine Coon, then get used to a big one. Never drive with a cat running freely in the car, it can be washed down between the pedals and cause an accident. The crate in the picture has a size of 60 x 41 x 36 cm and can handle a 9 kg. cat

Food and Water
Buy something the cat doesn't turn over. A lot of cats has a relic of the past: They scrape round about their water-bowl. The saying is, that they "scrape the ice of the water".

Litter Box and Cat Litter
Must be ready, when the cat arrives. Choose a place for it, where the cat can easily find it. If you have more then one cat, it' s a good idea to have two trays, which reduces stress. Look after, that the tray is big enough. There are different types, so choose what is suitable for you and your cat(s).

Don't buy cheap cat litter. It will only cause you trouble. The cat might find another place to relieve oneself. Buy some absorbing grit, and remember a scoop to remove lumps with. Don't put it in the toilet: It'll block up. Empty the tray several times a day, a cat doesn't like an overfilled toilet!

Scratching Post
A scratch-board is a necessary thing, to avoid that the cat finds other alternatives. The cat must have his claws sharpened, among other things to keep them short. It doesn't have to be expensive, you can make your own. It is a good idea to make a tall one, because most cats love to get up high. You can combine it with caves and hammocks. It is important that the kitten gets to know about these things from it is small. You can use valerian-drops to drip on the scratching area, and this will make the kitten interested.

Before you go and get the kitten, be prepared with everything. Agree on where to place the cats tray, water, food and the scratching-tree. If you have more than one cat, it is a good idea to leave the kitten in the transport box. If you do that, they can smell at each other through the thread. Afterwards you can open up the transport box, and let it be for the kitten to decide when to come out. Be patient. It's an upheaval for the kitten to stay away from the well-known sounds and smells. Some kittens will immediately walk about with it's tail upright, others will hide. If he does so, give him some time, and the moment will come, where he'll be so curious, that he comes out. Show the cat, where you have placed it's tray, and situate him there, when you have an occasion for it. As a rule when he has been sleeping, eating or playing. In this way the kitten will quickly learn. Offer him some food and water, he might not be interested in the beginning; but he won't starve to death for that reason. The most important thing is, that the cat drinks something.

If you have children then teach them to associate with the cat on a good way. Learn them how to lift the cat but that cat does not like to be stroked against the hair.

A kitten can play with anything or nothing. It can be a piece of food or its own shadow it hurtles about. You can buy themselves poor in toys, as it usually is us who let ourselves be tempted. But one of the best things you can buy is a fur-mouse, it is not expensive. Play with your cats, they love it, even if they are adults. A tease, as shown on the picture, is a good thing.

You cannot ignore that the cat has to be brought up. A very important thing: Don't ever beat the cat. Use short words as no. Have patience as it may well be that it must do many times before the cat has learned. If it does not work it may well be that you have better luck with a water Many kittens are fond of using us as a climbing tree; but remember this behavior is a declaration of love. Put the cat friendly down and say definite no.