About us

About us

The first Maine Coon we ever saw was on a cat show in Herning. Immediately we fell in love with the breed. We were very fascinated about its size and coat. Since then things have gone step by step, and today we have 13 Maine Coons. We have now been showing cats since 1999 and had the pleasure to get to know many interesting people - all with the same interested for cats as ourselves.

We are members of Wikingcats, Under Tica. 
There are three key words we do not compromise with as breeders:

• type
• temper
• health

We are very serious about breeding, and we frequently add new blood to our breeding lines with imported cats. The cats are a big part of our lives and are part of our family on the same terms as the two-legged ones. Apart from access to the entire house, they have access to a 600 sqm. fenced garden. They are fed with high quality dry food as well as boiled fish, chicken or other kinds of wet food every day.

We spend a lot of time showing our cats both domestically and abroad. The kittens are all born in our bed room, and here they live, until they are approx. 6-7 weeks of age. After this they get more and more space, and eventually the have access to the entire house. They are handled ny humans several times every day, which makes them develop a gentle and sweet temper. All the kittens are checked by a vetenarian, vaccinated twice as well as chipped and registered. A health book and a pedigree always follow the kitten. Kittens not sold for breeding will also be neutered, before they move to their new homes.

In short, the cats are our life, and it is very important for us that the animals are feeling well and are sold to the right homes - and are healthy and happy.

Remember to see photos from our home and our garden, as this will give you a good and realistic picture of how well our cats are feeling.

If you have any questions, do feel free to contact us.

Kindest regards
Gitte and Orla Dahm