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stacks_image_10959Diploma Breeders Educations


The purpose of the education is to allow breeders the opportunity of achieving the same background knowledge about the many many details in cat breeding - no matter which race you are breeding.

The education itself is divided into four modules each consisting of 7-7.5 hours of teaching ending up with a written assignment of approximately 0.5 hours.
You have to attend all four modules in order to complete the education and obtain the title "Felis Danica Certified Breeder".

The Content of Each Module

Module 1: History, organization, FIFe/FD rules and health.

Module 2: You as a breeder, purpose and mating, planning of mating and agreements
regarding mating, pregnancy, births, kittens' growth and socialization and sale of kittens.

Module 3: Having cats, needs, laws and rules, genetics, basic cat behavior and cat language.

Module 4: Shows, Law of Purchasing, FD contracts and agreements, morale and ethics.